Production Company:
Avalon Television Inc.

Commissioning Broadcaster:

Series Breakdown:
S1 1 x 60, 9 x 30

From “Please Like Me” creator, writer and star JOSH THOMAS comes half-hour comedy “Everything’s Gonna Be Okay”, produced by Avalon Television and Freeform.

The series introduces Nicholas (JOSH THOMAS), a neurotic twenty-something visiting his single dad and two teenage half-sisters, one of whom is on the autism spectrum. He hasn’t been particularly present in his siblings’ lives, but when their dad reveals that he is terminally ill, the girls have to cope with not only a devastating loss but also the realisation that Nicholas is the one who will have to rise to the occasion, move in, and hold it all together.

In an era of divisiveness and a seemingly never-ending negative news cycle, the series provides a breath of fresh air – a reason to laugh and connect with funny, well-intentioned characters trying to find happiness in the middle of difficult times

“Freeform’s excellent, warm-hearted new dramedy”
Rolling Stone

“It’s as good a symbol as any for the spirit of this show: delightful, happy-sad, figuring it out one improvised step at a time”
The New York Times

“Watching “Everything’s Gonna Be Okay” is like slipping into a warm bath, being wrapped in a loving hug or listening to a reassuring talk.”

“Idiosyncratic and colorful, treating adult and adolescent love, sex, pain and grief with remarkably funny candor.”
Los Angeles Times

“…a bighearted, bittersweet, sometimes perverse chronicle of three unique siblings teaching each other how to live.”

“A winsome, witty new series from an Australian comedy wunderkind.”
The Hollywood Reporter