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Seven celebrities undergo a challenging dietary experiment; living without sugar, refined carbohydrates, cheap meat and bad fats for three weeks on a farm, and at the end they find out who has lost the most weight.

In this ITV 1 primetime show famous faces turn their backs on the modern food industry to live and work on a farm in return for only the natural, wholesome food they produce themselves. The celebrities push their bodies to the limit and embrace a completely new, healthy lifestyle, with their roles split between working on the farm and preparing and cooking their own healthy meals. As the workers get stuck into their new lives on the farm, where they are tasked with milking water buffalo, rounding up pigs and poultry and fertilizing the crops, amongst other duties, the dramas soon begin.

Under the watchful eye of the show’s nutritionist, will the sugar-craving celebrities survive the gruelling challenge and change their unhealthy eating habits for good?

Sugar Free Farm is an innovative format for our modern world. When it launched the series considerably outperformed the slot average with 3.3 million viewers (15% share). A second series aired in January 2017.

“Pure TV Gold that’ll have you laughing out loud.” OK!

“The first series of this reality show did well enough to justify a second sugar-free batch.” ★★★★ Heat

“This should be an interesting one to watch” Daily Mirror

A Liberty Bell production for ITV
Episodes available: S1: 3 x 60′, S2: 4 x 60′