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Scrappers introduces straight-talking TERRY WALKER and his glamorous wife LYNDSAY, the husband and wife team behind a multi-million pound scrap empire, who don’t always see eye-to-eye. A funny, uplifting story of second chances and loyalty is revealed over the six part series for BBC One as TERRY and LYNDSAY struggle to keep the motley crew they employ on the straight and narrow.

Over the series, the marriage-meets-business rollercoaster sees, amongst many other things, all hell breaking loose as LYNDSAY discovers TERRY spent the week’s payroll at a car auction; redundancy conversations at a weekly Date Night and a humiliating public argument that leaves a marriage hanging in the balance. Employees including LITTLE DAVE, BOYLE and COXY all rely on TERRY and LYNDSAY – a lot of them couldn’t get a job anywhere else – and we see the team enjoying Christmas parties, making court appearances, preparing for an open day, gaining qualifications, and opening up in the on-site cafe to caterers-come-counsellors, DEBS and MICHELLE.

Welcome to the warm, wonderful world of Bolton’s Metro Salvage; the biggest scrap metal yard in the North West.

Following a critically acclaimed first series the BBC headed back to Bolton for a second helping of this character-driven documentary in March 2016, this time on its new home, BBC Two.

“it’s comedy gold. Or should that be chrome? Or steel?” Sunday Mirror, Notebook

“Scrappers was more comedy gold than junk metal… full of northern charm… filled with laugh-out-loud moments… The Walkers are the true heroes of this hilarious show… This programme provided heaps of enjoyment – not one for the scrapheap.” The Sun

“Bolton scrapyard king Terry Walker is a TV natural with his endearing mix of bluster and heart.” The Daily Telegraph

“The BBC has raked over old rubbish and struck documentary gold.” Radio Times

A Liberty Bell Production for BBC One
Episodes available: 12 x 30′