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The award-winning Real Rescues is an observational documentary that features all of Britain’s emergency services – fire, police, ambulance, air ambulance, emergency doctors, lifeboats and the coastguard, as well as RAF helicopters and animal rescue units.

This unique access, both to the inner workings of the emergency services and to such widespread material, means that featured stories are always full of action, emotion and drama. Real Rescues gives viewers the feel of being at the hub of an operation which protects and saves lives everywhere, every minute of every day.

The first three series (60×45′) were presented by NICK KNOWLES (DIY SOS) and from series 4 onwards (90×45′) the programme is presented as live by NICK KNOWLES and LOUISE MINCHIN (Crime and Punishment) from major police, ambulance and coastguard control rooms where thousands of emergency calls are handled daily. This setting has allowed Real Rescues to capture dramatic stories on tape and to pioneer the use of actual 999 calls told in a dramatic and compelling way, both from the viewpoint of the victim and the call-taker. Stories such as a seven year old boy getting urgent advice over the phone that saved his father’s life; the man who called in desperation after a chainsaw cut off his arm – he and the arm were saved – and the international rescue of passengers from a cruise ship in Antarctica, a rescue coordinated by the British Coastguard.

Real Rescues has been shown in both daytime and peak. It is one of the BBC’s most popular factual programmes in both slots; the daytime version gained record viewing figures.

A Topical Television Production for BBC One
Episodes available: 190 x 45′ and 36 x 30′